If simplifying your business and saving money is a priority, Onesystem is one of the easiest & most cost effective solutions that you will implement

Our Focus

To deliver big business solutions, that have been simplified, are easy to use and at a price to suit small and medium businesses.
To save you money

Identifying opportunities to reduce costs

To save your time

With critical business changing information

To simplify your business

With smart specific business tools.

To reduce your risks

Sleep at night knowing you are beyond compliance

Best Practices

We deliver best practice principles in a practical and functional way to all industries and business sizes.

Big business simplified

We simplify big business complex solutions and create company specific solutions that are affordable to small and medium businesses.

Safe & Secure

You information is as important to us and it is to you. Your safe in the office 365 environment.

Easy to use

One of the easiest things that you will introduce to your business to save you time and increase profits.

Keeping Things Simple



Its a simple business philosophy, 


Identify and control the risk.

Explore, disrupt and create opportunity.

What’s the cost and benefit.

Get organised and make it happen with ROF


Business systems are the foundation to drive business success by simplifying tasks to save time, provide accurate information to empower people and drive business growth.

Our Products and Services

Onesystem is an integrated cloud-based management system designed for small and medium businesses to drive business performance through easy to use applications. At Onesystem, we don’t just deliver smart systems, we help make your systems smarter.
Asset & Fleet Management

Simply manage your asset investments and maximise the return on investment

Risk Management

A integrated solution incorporating safety, quality, environmental and compliance. These applications can also be utilised as standalone solutions.

People Management

Maximus is our people management solution.

Contractor Management

Our Contractor Management System supports your business and your contractors to ensure that business risks are minimised.

Document Management

Document management is a critical element to running all businesses.

Fine tune the system

We don’t just deliver smart systems, we help make your systems smarter.

Want to know a bit more

About US

Access to information is one of the keys to empowering your people to drive business performance.
We deliver best practice principles in a practical and functional way to all industries and business sizes.

Whether you are a new start up, a small family business or an international identify Onesystem has something to offer that may be able to save you time, money, reduce risks and support your employees and your business growth. Onesystem has a range of software solutions that can be deployed as a business package or individually today or over a time frame that suits you. No matter your location, you can enjoy the Onesystem benefits just like our existing clients. Onesystem’s Risk Management Software incorporates Safety, Quality, Environmental and Compliance modules. Onesystem’s Asset Management and Compliance (AMC), is also referred to as Equipment Management Software, Fleet Management Software is one of the original flagship applications for Onesystem. This application has evolved since its initial development in 2006 into a full Asset Management Software package to schedule maintenance, track and predict costs, identify poor performing equipment via our downtime tracking system. Human Resources Management and People Management Software is also a critical part to running a modern business. Companies have a legal requirement to provide training, more importantly your business has the potential to reduce costs by having an effective People Management Software to support staff, keep staff trained and create a safe workplace. A modern business needs access to a fully functional Document Management Software solution to meet compliance obligation, but also ensure staff have access to the latest information to ensure your business delivers its desired results. Onesystem Contractor Managements Software provides a level of when engaging contractors to ensure the contractor you utilise is professional, safe, efficient and has risk reduction strategies embedded into their business.

  • Providing business a competitive edge

    Access to information is one of the keys to empowering your people to drive business performance.

  • Management and Operational experience

    Is so important to the process, just having a system is not enough. Business insights and experience working with business owners provides endless opportunities.

  • 12 applications

    That have been developed using business best practices, standards and certification principles. Adopt one, adopt them all and let’s customise them to suit your business, or let’s built something special for you.

  • Join the dots

    12 applications in one location, experience from your business and powerful insights from us to delivery excellence to: Reduce Business Risks, Save Money, Optimise Your Investments, Utilise Everyone’s Time Effectively and remove the worries about the unknown.




Smart, integrated, cost effective

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